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Master of Arts in Applied Child & Adolescent Psychology: Prevention & Treatment

Costs & Financial Aid


The Master of Arts in Applied Child & Adolescent Psychology: Prevention & Treatment is a self-sustaining, fee-based program administered by the UW Department of Psychology in collaboration with UW Continuum College.

Course fees are charged on a per-credit basis and are the same for resident (Washington state) and non-resident students. Below are estimated rates for 2024–2025.

Cost per credit: $815
Number of credits required: 53
Estimated total course fees: $43,195

In addition to course fees, students pay required student fees each quarter, including registration, U-PASS and technology fees. There may be additional costs for textbooks and other course materials, as well as travel expenses associated with getting to and from the practicum site. All fees are due by the third Friday of the quarter. 

Financial Aid 

Students can apply for various forms of financial aid to help cover their educational costs, including federal financial aid, scholarships and private loans. For more information, visit the fee-based programs page of the Office of Student Financial Aid website. Students in fee-based programs are not eligible for tuition exemptions or University grants.

Note: Federal financial aid policies require that graduate students be enrolled in a minimum of five credits (half-time enrollment) in order to receive funds for that quarter. No funds will be disbursed for quarters in which the student has registered for less than five credits.

Full-time students can take advantage of the variable credit structure of the practicum to ensure they are enrolled in at least five credits each quarter, allowing them to meet the minimum credit requirement for aid disbursement. Contact us at if you have questions.

We encourage students to start exploring how they will fund their education early — even before applying to the master's program. Many funding programs have application deadlines in December and January. 

Funding Opportunities

Thanks to a recent award of more than $2.2 million in state funding, the Master of Arts in Applied Child & Adolescent Psychology: Prevention & Treatment program is expanding access to scholarships. The program will award scholarships to students based on several factors, including financial need, contribution to diversity and the ability to serve the needs of families in Washington state. The scholarship awards one-time tuition and fee waivers.

Only applicants who have been offered interviews for admission into the master's degree program will be provided with scholarship application instructions and guidelines. These applicants will typically be contacted in February for interview scheduling and scholarship application instructions.

The Graduate Funding Information Service assists UW graduate students in their search for funding opportunities for graduate school-related expenses. GFIS representatives host workshops, post funding announcements and meet one-on-one with students.

For tips and suggestions on how to identify funding options, and a list of some of the most popular scholarship and fellowship awards, see the program’s Funding Opportunities Guide helps connect Washington state students with in-state scholarship opportunities.   

Employer Assistance

Some employers will cover all or part of the cost of a professional education. Check with your employer to see if such a program is available.