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Master of Arts in Applied Child & Adolescent Psychology: Prevention & Treatment

A Career in Youth and Family Therapy

Trini Soza-OldjaTrini Soza-Oldja

Youth & Family Therapist / Early Childhood Behavioral Health Therapist at Youth Eastside Services

Trini Soza-Oldja's passion for child psychology led her to the University of Washington Master of Arts in Applied Child & Adolescent Psychology: Prevention & Treatment program. In this Q&A, Trini shares her experience and provides advice for those interested in the program. 

What sparked your interest in child psychology?

I have been in therapy periodically since I was five years old. Being a client myself led me to not only develop a curiosity and passion for psychology, but also gave me insight into what was lacking in the field.

Why did you choose the UW Master of Arts in Applied Child & Adolescent Psychology: Prevention & Treatment program?

This program has so many strengths, from being evidence-based to incorporating education in areas that are often left behind, such as cultural competency. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a comprehensive education in child psychology and who is passionate about making an impact. You'll learn from experts in the field who will not only shape you as a clinician but also as a person.

Where did you receive your hands-on clinical experience?

As an intern at Youth Eastside Services (YES), I was able to apply everything I learned in the program. I was supported both by the agency and by the master's program through the entirety of my internship. From the beginning, my professors were available to coach me through the experience. This program strives to place you in an internship that best fits you. They found a perfect manager for me and as a result, I am now a full-time clinician at YES!

Do you have advice for anyone interested in the program?

Be transparent and unapologetically you. This program really values what each person brings to the table. Think about where you see yourself working and see if this program fits you. Choosing this program was one of the best choices I have made.